Dental Cleanings


Regular dental cleanings are essential for maintaining proper oral hygiene and preventing patients from needing restorative work. It has been proven that regular cleanings can even reduce the risk of diseases like diabetes.


During a dental cleaning, the hygienist will remove plaque and tarter, floss between your teeth and polish them. They may also take x-rays and check your gum health. Hygienists will occasionally apply fluoride to your teeth, which helps to prevent cavities. 


Cleanings are typically recommended every six months, but depending on the patient, the hygienist may suggest 3 or 4 month visits to ensure the best possible outcome for your oral health.


Dental cleanings are not painful and do not involve any sort of drilling. However, if you are nervous about your cleaning, our team at San Ramon Dental Excellence will do whatever it takes to ensure that you are comfortable. We do offer nitrous for patients who are particularly phobic or nervous.


How to maintain good oral hygiene after a cleaning:


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