Root Canals

Root canals are an endodontic treatment used to preserve a decayed tooth by removing infected pulp from the canal of the tooth. Root canals are used to save a tooth from needing extraction. They stop the infection from spreading and therefore will eliminate pain for our patients. The pulp of the tooth consists of nerves, connective tissues and blood vessels. When a tooth is damaged, the pulp may become infected. People who develop this may experience symptoms including sensitivity to hot and cold, pain, tender gums and swelling.




Treatment Process:

                Some root canals take multiple appointments with rest periods in between. Teeth with more severe pulp infection will most likely take more than one appointment. The first appointment will include an exam and x-rays with the San Ramon Dental Excellence team. The doctor will diagnose the tooth. He will then administer a local anesthetic to the tooth and create an access hole at the top of the tooth. He will carefully remove the infected pulp and rise the hole out with antiseptic solution. The tooth is then filled with a rubber like material to seal the tooth and prevent bacteria from entering. The team will then take impressions of your tooth and give you a temporary crown that will be on the tooth for 2 weeks before the permanent crown is placed.


                Following the root canal, it is extremely important to maintain good oral hygiene to preserve the results. This includes brushing and flossing every day and visiting the office at least every sixth months for your cleaning and exam.


                If you are experiencing pain or discomfort and think you may need a root canal, contact our office at 925-866-8890.


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