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Root canals provide a safe and effective way to preserve a damaged or decaying tooth. This quick, outpatient procedure can limit pain and improve your overall oral health. At San Ramon Dental Excellence in San Ramon, California, the team offers root canal treatment on-site. To schedule an appointment today, book a consultation online, or call the office and speak with a friendly staff member.

Root Canals Q & A

What are root canals?

Root canals are a type of endodontic treatment used to remove infected pulp from the innermost part of a tooth (root canal). This prevents the infection from spreading and can save a tooth that might otherwise require extraction.

The tooth pulp is made of nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissues. It allows for sensations like hot and cold but isn’t necessary for a mature tooth’s survival.

If you damage a tooth or develop a cavity, the pulp may become infected. This can result in uncomfortable symptoms, including pain, gum tenderness, swelling, and a metallic taste in your mouth.

What are the benefits of root canals?

Root canals offer a variety of benefits. They can:

  • Save a permanent tooth from extraction
  • Relieve a toothache
  • Remove the source of infection, preventing it from spreading
  • Prevent further problems caused by tooth loss

Root canals are also affordable. It’s much cheaper to undergo a root canal than it is to replace a lost tooth with an oral prosthetic.

What is the treatment process for root canals?

No two root canals are exactly alike. Usually, they take several appointments with periods of rest in between. The number of appointments you’ll need depends on the type of tooth treated, and the severity of the pulp damage.

At your first appointment, the San Ramon Dental Excellence team conducts an oral exam and takes digital X-rays of your teeth and gums.

Afterward, your provider administers a local anesthetic and carefully creates an access hole in the top of your affected tooth. The team carefully removes the infected pulp and rinses your root canal with an antiseptic solution.

Then, they fill it with a rubber-like material called gutta-percha. Gutta-percha seals the tooth and prevents harmful bacteria from entering. Lastly, the team takes impressions of your tooth and applies a temporary crown. You return home for 1-2 weeks while your mouth heals.

While you recover, the team sends your impressions to a dental laboratory. The laboratory crafts a custom permanent crown to fit the unique curves of your tooth.

A week or two later, you return to San Ramon Dental Excellence, and the team bonds your permanent crown to your tooth. You leave the office with a brilliant, fully restored smile.

How do I care for my tooth following a root canal?

Root canals provide a long-lasting restorative option, but it’s important to preserve your results through good oral hygiene. The team at San Ramon Dental Excellence recommends brushing and flossing every day and visiting the office every six months for a professional cleaning and oral exam.

To learn more about root canals, schedule an appointment at San Ramon Dental Excellence. Book a consultation online, or call the office and speak with a friendly staff member today.